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  • Tips
  • Tips

    • TIP # 1 FOR A/C


      Ceiling fans all kind can help move air and fetch cool relief to a space. Air stir from fans can make a 79-degree room feel like it’s 72 degrees. Ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient and can reduce require on both your air conditioners and furnace, using less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. Ceiling fans are very effectual at any time and in any season.

    • Dryer Efficiency Tips

      A dryer’s efficiency can be increased by cleaning the lint filters, in this way increasing the air flow and speeding up drying. Sufficient air flow also prevents fabric damage. A towel may be thrown in a dryer together with a small load of clothes to increase moisture absorption and speed their drying.

    • Washer Efficiency Tips

      The efficiency of a washer can also be increased by re-running the washer to get rid of exceeding water on clothes, according shorten the drying time and power of the garments. Clothes should be sorted such that light clothes can be washed first, and heavy garments after. It is important to use high-efficiency detergents or small quantities of detergents to avoid extreme soapsuds that overwork the washer. Over-washing clothes wastes time and power

    • Ovens & Ranges

      Extend the life of your electric range by keeping it clean mode. Manually clean the oven regularly in addition to the automatic cleaning cycles as well.  Inspect the seal around your oven door. Any damage to this seal may allow heat to getaway, reducing energy efficiency.

    • Refrigerators

      Your refrigerator accounts for about 17 percent of your electric bill and uses more energy than any other appliance you own, largely because it runs permanently, unlike ranges, dishwashers, microwave, ovens and laundry equipment. Even a new, energy-efficient unit can use your help in operating as economically as possible. To minimize the impact on your budget, keep your refrigerator  running in tiptop shape, load it with care and set its controls for rational storage

  • Energy saving hints

    • If your dishwasher has an energy-saving cycle, use it and you are not gonna loose it
    • If the dryer has moisture-sensing technology, when you use it it will increase energy efficiency
    • Consider using a toaster oven or microwave to cook as they use less energy and generate less heat
    • When you purchasing appliance, compare energy costs using Energy Guide ratings for energy efficiency
    • When your freezer full it will increase the retention of cold air, reducing the workload on your refrigerator’s compressor. It will reduce energy costs plus help to extend the appliance’s life.