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  • Refrigerators

  • The most popular symptoms of a refrigerator malfunction are the following:

    refrigerator makes more or less noise than usual

    refrigerator is shaking

    refrigerator is makes a strange sounds

    refrigerator produces too much or not enough cold 

    The reasons for that can be different  from freon leakage, to damaged electronics, to compressor's failure, and more. It's important to call the specialists right away, if and when you have noticed that your fridge is not working properly.

    We repair:

    • Commercial refrigerators
    • Top freezer refrigerators
    • Side-by-side refrigerators
    • Bottom freezer refrigerators
    • Built-in refrigerators
    • Compact refrigerators
    • Wine Cooler refrigerators

    Invite a certified technician from Best House Service and join our many happy customers all around the  Bay Area and Sacramento. You will be satisfied with the results!

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